Marcela Betancur-Diaz

Photo of Marcela Betancur Diaz

Marcela Betancur-Diaz

Energy Transition Development Manager at OPITO

Marcela recently joined OPITO to help building recognition and brand awareness across government and industry by supporting the development, delivery and promotion of OPITO’s work in energy transition, including the integrated people and skills plan part of the UK government’s North Sea Transition Deal.

Marcela previously worked in the Energy Institute as their CCUS Technical Manager where she re-established the CCUS Committee, and worked with industry and its stakeholders to define, initiate, and drive forward a work programme, which covered flow assurance, pipeline repurposing, pipeline failure mode mitigation, major hazard analysis and good practice in plant design.

Marcela’s work experience includes the coordination and production of good practice guidelines to ensure environmental protection, safety and quality when storing and handling petroleum fuels for retail at Petrol Filling Stations and use in commercial Aviation. This included challenges to fuel quality from Microbiological Degradation.

Marcela has a degree in Chemical Engineering and a MSc in Environment and Sustainable Development.