Katherine Romanak

Photo of Katherine Romanak

Katherine Romanak

Research Scientist at The University of Texas

Katherine Romanak is an environmental geochemist who has developed monitoring plans for multiple large-scale CO2 storage projects dating back to 2009. She is an academic that works alongside industry to develop, innovate, and apply CO2 storage technology in real-world applications.

She pioneered a process-based soil gas approach which avoids costly and complex baseline data collection and has created a paradigm shift in near-surface monitoring worldwide. She has championed the concept of leakage “attribution” as a critical part of monitoring in the near-surface and outlined the importance of having protocols in place for responding to stakeholder concerns.

She has input technical information into global CCS regulations within the UNFCCC and in the USA. She sits on many international advisory panels and technical boards and conveys monitoring and environmental safety of geological CO2 storage to a wide audience of stakeholders.

She is currently providing professional training for subsurface oil and gas professionals who want to repurpose their skills for CCS.