Daniel Kitscha

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Daniel Kitscha

Policy Officer, Low Carbon Solutions (II) at European Commission - DG CLIMATE ACTION

Daniel Kitscha, Policy Officer, Low Carbon Solutions (II): Research & Low Carbon Technology Deployment, DG Climate Action, European Commission.

Daniel is a member of the Commission’s team supporting the transition of the European industrial economy through low carbon solutions. The unit focusses on the deployment of all innovative technologies and solutions capable of eliminating greenhouse gas emissions from energy production, industrial production, processes or products.

The team helps financing low, zero, and net-negative carbon projects with the Innovation Fund and the Modernisation Fund, as well as with innovative climate-friendly financial instruments under InvestEU. The aim is de-risking the first commercial scale deployment of breakthrough low carbon technologies, including carbon capture, use and storage (CCUS), as well as supporting start-ups and small-scale innovative projects.

Before joining DG CLIMA, Daniel worked for a decade in DG CONNECT on the European Regulatory Framework for Electronic Communications Networks and Services. Daniel holds a Ph.D. in political science from University of Siegen, Germany.

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