Aniruddha Sharma

Aniruddha Sharma

CEO at Carbon Clean

Aniruddha Sharma is Chair and CEO of Carbon Clean – a leading provider of point source carbon capture solutions for hard-to-abate industries such as cement, steel, refineries and energy from waste.

Having co-founded Carbon Clean in 2009 while completing a Masters Degree in Statistics at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kharagpur, Aniruddha has been instrumental in developing the company into a global leader in the carbon capture sector, with a relentless focus on innovation.

Today, Carbon Clean’s technology has been proven at scale in over 44 sites around the world, including plants in the UK, U.S., Japan, Germany, India, Norway and the Netherlands. The company’s technology has captured over 1.5m tonnes of CO2 to date and Carbon Clean is on track to capturing one billion tonnes of CO2 by the mid-2030s.

Aniruddha’s mission is to revolutionise the carbon capture industry, moving it away from costly, large and complex technologies to cost-effective, modular and standardised solutions that will be key to scaling deployment in order to reach net zero targets.

Aniruddha was named Entrepreneur of the Year at BusinessGreen’s Leaders Awards 2022, selected for his work driving the development and delivery of carbon capture and reuse technology that could have a genuinely transformational impact on multiple sectors.