Photo of Jacob Rees Moog

Rt Hon Jacob Rees Mogg MP

Secretary of State at BEIS
Clare Jackson, Chief Executive Officer, Hydrogen UK

Clare Jackson

Chief Executive Officer at Hydrogen UK

Claire Dorrian

Head of Sustainable Finance at London Stock Exchange Group
Chris Littlecott image

Chris Littlecott

Associate Director at E3G
Zak Rich image

Zak Rich

Deputy Director, Low Carbon RAB at Ofgem
Photo of Kirstie Simpson

Kirstie Simpson

Deputy Dean and Associate Professor at University of Chester
Photo of Neville Hargreaves

Neville Hargreaves

Vice President, Waste to Fuels at Velocys
Photo of Dan Sadler

Dan Sadler

Vice President - UK Low Carbon Solutions at Equinor
Photo of Toby Lockwood

Toby Lockwood

Director of Technology and Markets for Carbon Capture (Europe) at Clean Air Task Force
Photo of Sverre Overå

Sverre Overå

Project Director at Northern Lights
Photo of Neil Golding

Neil Golding

Director of Market Intelligence at Energy Industries Council (EIC)
Photo of Allan Baker

Allan Baker

Head of Power Advisory & Project Finance at Societe Generale
Photo of Matthias Krey

Matthias Krey

Secretary General at CCS+. Initiative
Photo of Sir David King

Sir David King

Founder and Chair at CCRC & CCAG
Photo of Peter McFadzean

Peter McFadzean

CO2 Transport and Storage Lead at Equinor UK
Photo of Jasper Heikens

Jasper Heikens

Chief Commercial Officer at ECOLOG
Photo of Dan Allason

Dan Allason

Head of Section: Research and Innovation at DNV
Photo of Hannah Bronwin

Hannah Bronwin

Director of Business Development at SSE Thermal
Photo of Gabrielle Walker

Gabrielle Walker

Founder and Director at Valence Solutions
Photo of Amy Ruddock

Amy Ruddock

VP Europe and the Middle East at Carbon Engineering
Photo of Daniel Kitscha

Daniel Kitscha

Policy Officer, Low Carbon Solutions (II) at European Commission - DG CLIMATE ACTION
Photo of Martin O'Neill

Martin O’Neill

Vice President of Strategy at GE Gas Power
Selin Murat image

Selin Murat

Head of Commercial Partnerships at Carbon8
Photo of Marcela Betancur Diaz

Marcela Betancur-Diaz

Energy Transition Development Manager at OPITO
Photo of Daniel Fletcher

Daniel Fletcher

Head of Global Carbon Capture Utilisation and Storage (CCUS) portfolio at bp
Photo of Paul Davies

Paul Davies

Director at 7CO2
Photo of Pumi Perera

Pumi Perera

CO2 Utilisation Challenge Fund Lead at Scottish Government
Photo of Francesca Bell

Francesca Bell

Senior Investor Relations Advisor at Offshore Energies UK (OEUK)
Photo of Enrique Cornejo

Enrique Cornejo

Head of Technologies - Industrial Decarbonisation Strategy at BEIS
Photo of John Picken

John Picken

Business Development Director - Decarbonisation Department at Mitsubishi Heavy Industries EMEA

Olivia Powis

Head of the UK Office at CCSA
Ayan Bhattacharji image

Ayan Bhattacharji

Business Development Manager at Interconnector Limited
Photo of Chris Williams

Chris Williams

Head of Industrial Decarbonisation at Industry Wales
Photo of Andrea Calderaro

Andrea Calderaro

CCUS Platform Leader at Baker Hughes
Photo of Roz Bulleid

Roz Bulleid

Research Director at Green Alliance
Photo of Steve Schofield

Steve Schofield

Group Head of Climate Policy and Advocacy at Shell
Michael Foley image

Michael Foley

UK Low Carbon Solutions Executive at ExxonMobil
Photo of Stef Murphy

Stef Murphy

Director, Hydrogen & Industrial Carbon Capture at BEIS
Photo of David Phillips

David Phillips

Head of U.K. and Investor Relations at Aker Carbon Capture
Photo of Karl Smyth

Karl Smyth

Director, External Affairs and Strategic Policy at enfinium