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What Is CCUS?

The focus on Carbon Capture Usage and Storage (CCUS) in the UK, Europe and internationally as a key tool to meet climate goals continues to grow.

The last year has seen a dramatic increase in activity and a strong focus on project delivery. In the UK, the Government selected the first projects in its cluster sequencing process – to meet the ambition of the first CCUS clusters operational by 2030. The Government also kicked off the phase 2 process – projects that wish to link up to the infrastructure developed by the first clusters. With 43 projects in this list, it is clear that there is tremendous interest in the development of a successful CCUS industry – with all the associated jobs and economic benefits that this will create. 

There is also a huge opportunity for collaboration and coordination between UK and Europe on a number of key issues such as the development of emissions trading, business models for CCUS and additional policies for Greenhouse Gas Removals. Europe is also witnessing a rising number of market-ready CCUS project proposals; with four projects in the latest Innovation Fund round and five proposals in the list of Projects of Common Interest (PCI).   

Looking beyond Europe, CCUS is now firmly on the agenda as an integral technology to achieve the Paris Agreement goals. COP26 last year featured a large number of events on CCUS, with the debate around Greenhouse Gas Removals a key topic for discussion. And in April this year, the IPCC published its Sixth Assessment report on “Climate Change 2022: Mitigation of Climate Change”. The report emphasised the key role that CCUS will play in reducing emissions across a number of sectors and without CCUS, the world will risk significant stranded assets, particularly in the energy sector, with associated economic impacts estimated at trillions of dollars. 

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